The Adventure Begins

The definition of the word Adventure is as follows: engage in hazardous and exciting activity, especially in exploration of unknown territory.

Well, I think I qualify as an adventurer! I am starting a journey that will take me to foreign countries, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. My husband, James, has had the opportunity to travel extensively and now it is my turn to join him in this endeavor. We will be spending the next year in Kuwait, and will have the chance to visit other countries during our time there.

This big adventure starts in exactly one month! Our first stop is Ireland, then on to Kuwait, which will be our home base, and after that who knows where we will visit next???

We are getting to meet up in Ireland, because James is already in Kuwait, and Ireland is a good halfway point. This is the first big trip that we are getting to take together! We will be spending ten days gallivanting around southern Ireland. We have three days in Dublin, then one night in Kilarney, Blarney, Kilkenny, Limerick, and Galway, then back to Dublin for a night in a castle. I can’t wait to share our shenanigans with accompanying pictures!

Right now my main focus is on packing our home up, and did I mention I am getting to do this all on my own (AGAIN!). I despise packing. This is not the first time I have had to pack up our apartment by myself, but I keep hoping that it will be the last time. We shall see. I do have great support from family and friends who have graciously helped me pack boxes and load them over to storage!!

Who knew packing was so time consuming? Thank goodness that I am slightly OCD and a big believer in making lists! I have a list for things I need to do before I leave, like changing addresses and making sure things are in order here. Then I have a list for the things I need to get, more packing supplies and stuff I need to take with me. And I have a big combined list that I can mark things off as I get them done! It is so satisfying to mark things off my list!!!!

Here is to the countdown of my departure from the US and on to my first big adventure: 30 days!!


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