The ridiculous adventure of packing

So I am down to a little under one week until I leave for my grand adventure, and it feels like all I have done is pack, pack, PACK! I am so tired of packing all of my stuff. This is the third move I have had to do by myself. Granted my family and friends have helped when they can, but majority of the packing I have done on my own. This is nothing new for me (or those of you who have lived a military lifestyle). But goodness gracious and I tired of filling boxes with my life!

You don’t ever realize the amount of stuff you accumulate over time. I have lived in the same apartment for the last three years, and I am not one to hold on to things I do not need. I have gone through every room and thought I did a pretty good job of purging the junk and excess. But, oh no, I still have been able to find more stuff to get rid of as I pack away each room! There are about 20 bags of clothes and such are going to be donated, and you would not believe the number of trash bags that are sitting on my curb.

Thank goodness for Mom, Dad and Jacob!!!!! They helped me get to about 85% done with all the packing tonight. Which is a huge accomplishment considering I was about 50% done before they came over.

My bedroom is almost finished being packed away, only a few things left in the closet. The kitchen is complete, and the bathroom is done as well. The living room is, for the most part, packed up. It has become the staging area for all of the boxes that need to be moved to storage.

The rest of my friends are coming to help move all the packed boxes to my storage unit on Sunday. Then all that will be left in my apartment are my bags for my trip, and a sleeping bag. Woo hoo!

I am looking forward to my journey. My flight is coming up soon, and I am staying super busy trying to see all my friends and family before I get on my plane. But I will not be able to fully look forward to my adventure until I have everything taken care of with this place I call home.

Countdown until Ireland : 6 Days!!!!!


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