Safe and Sound

I know that I said that I would post while we were in Ireland, but……….we were having so much fun and there was so much to do that I didn’t have the chance to get a post out! Plus the internet was really spotty in some of the B&Bs we stayed in.

Now with that being said, this is not a post about our trip…..

Mostly because I haven’t had the chance to go through the hundreds of pictures we took!!!!

This is just a short little post to let everyone know that we are here in Kuwait safe and sound. We both landed very early this morning (our time), and basically came home and crashed.

Yesterday was a very long travel day! We had to be at the airport pretty early so that James could check in for his 9:00 am flight. He got to leave earlier than I did, so it was a definite adventure finding my way through the airport and then checking in with my flight. I couldn’t check in for my flight until three hours before, so I walked with James down to the opposite terminal to sit with him before he went through security.

Then it was back to check in for my flight, security (which was super efficient), and off to wait at my gate. For those of you traveling through the Dublin airport during the winter months, make sure that you are dressed warmly and have a coat on while you wait at your gate for your plane. I was freezing!!!!!

My flight started out great! I was the only person in my row of three seats!!!! Plus I had the window, so I could look out and watch Europe pass by below. About 30 minutes into the flight, the stewardess asked if anyone was sitting in the rest of my row. And then two rather drunk men sat down next to me……this is where the flight started to get bad. Now, I know that we all go through the stage of wearing perfume or cologne for the first time, and we always wear way too much of it until someone says something to us about it or we figure out that it is way too much. I was bombarded by the two men who sat next to me on the plane. I could almost smell them before I saw them……….then add on top of that they were already well on their way to being completely shitfaced. They each had, at any given moment during the rest of the flight, at least four glasses with three of those having alcohol in them and the other being water. The actual flight itself was smooth, but my nose got pretty tired of cologne and booze.

I had a lay over in Istanbul, which was an interesting stop. I know that English is not the most widely used language, but it was a bit of shock to wait through two other announcements before hearing the one in my language. We landed out on the tarmac and disembarked from the plane to get on a bus that took us to the terminal. Once inside I continued on to the international gates, and had to wait at the departure screens to get the gate number for my flight to Kuwait. It only took an hour of me standing around watching the screens to get my gate number, but the wait gave me the chance to people watch. I have never been in a situation where I could not eavesdrop on conversations around me, but in the Istanbul airport I was surrounded by the sounds of at least six different languages. It was neat to try and guess what language people were speaking and see if I was right by getting a glimpse of their passports in their hands. Some of them were easy to guess and some were not!!!!

Once I got my gate number I hiked what felt like the entire length of the airport. At the gate I was one of the first people there for my flight, so I sat down and was enjoying reading a book I got for Christmas. When all of sudden I felt like I had been swarmed by the Pick-a-little group of women from the Music Man! There were at least 15 women ranging in age from toddler to grandma, all talking at the same time and moving around to find seats. Of course I couldn’t understand what they were talking about because I don’t know any Arabic. And when I thought my nose had recovered from the boozy, overly perfumed men on the plane, I couldn’t have been more wrong. With these women came a huge cloud of designer perfumes that you could almost see around them. My poor nose….I don’t think I will have function to smell anything for the next few days.

Now when the sign next to my gate started displaying my flight’s information a line started to form by the ticketing agent. I have never seen people move so fast to just wait in line! Thank goodness it went quickly, and we boarded another bus to take us to the plane.

Now as eventful as my first flight was, my second flight was actually fairly boring. They ran out of the chicken option for the meal and the other was a curry beef. At this point I was just so tired that I didn’t want anything to eat or drink, I just wanted to stand up for a while and not be anywhere near a plane or airport!!!!!

The flight went by quickly and before too long we were landing in Kuwait!

James had set up a service to help me get through the airport and the visa issuing quickly. The man was waiting for me right off my plane and we made it through everything (visa issuing, customs, baggage claim) within about 20 minutes. Walking out of the secure area to meet up with James was a little surreal. If there had been this many people waiting at DFW airport you would think that they were all there to see a celebrity or something. There were barriers up and a giant walkway to get out!

As we walked out I saw James waiting and couldn’t have been happier!!!!!

He grabbed my bags, we got to the car, and we headed back to the apartment. Once home I sent a quick message to my mom to let her know that we were home, then I crashed. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!

As soon as I have the chance to go through our picture of our holiday in Ireland, I will post about our amazing adventures there!


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