Philippines Island Adventure

We spent an amazingly relaxing week on Boracay island in the Philippines. Most of our time was spent just chilling on the beach, but we did take a few outings.

We went on a island hopping little cruise, where we got to go completely around the entire island of Boracay and we got to head out to Crystal Cove. Unfortunately we did the sunrise cruise and were the only people on Crystal Cove and the water was too choppy for us to get to explore and swim in the coves. We did the island hopping on a small sail boat. And by small, I mean it was only manned by three guys! One of which controlled the sails and steered the boat while the other two (plus me and James) were the counter weights to keep the boat level.

Our sail boat the Happy Hour
Our sail boat the Happy Hour

We did get to enjoy the beach on Crystal Cove, which was nice because we were the only ones there and got to watch the sun rise over the water.


While we were doing our jaunt around the island we got to go snorkeling. James of course jumped right in once we at our snorkeling site, I had some issues on the other hand. I had never been snorkeling before and did not realize how much of a fear of open water I had until I got in the “shallow” water. By shallow the boat guy meant like 30-40 feet deep. Yeah I got out of that water pretty quickly and just enjoyed the time on the boat sunbathing.

After our sailing trip was ever we went to do a helmet dive. Now this I had done previously with my mom in Mexico last summer. The difference was mom and I were in an eco-park and there was a railing that you held on to and they did a whole video intro before you got in the water. Now, we got on a boat to head out to the platform where we would be doing the dive from. I did not want to get back into the open water, and it took some convincing from the guy on the platform that there were only little fish like in an aquarium to finally get me on board with going down. James had been down for a few minutes before I got down, I am glad that I can still surprise my husband!!

Helmet Dive
Helmet Dive
James feeding the fish
James feeding the fish
Back on the platform
Back on the platform

We also went on a glass bottom boat ride. If you have never been on one you really need to go! We got to see coral reefs and fish without having to be in the water. We did get the chance on the boat ride to get out and snorkel for a bit. Again James was ready to jump right in! And I bet you think that I didn’t get in again…..WRONG! I did get in and snorkel with James. I was pretty proud of myself for facing yet another fear of mine.

Proof that I can snorkel
Proof that I can snorkel
Fish through the bottom of our boat
Fish through the bottom of our boat

20150420_152301 20150420_152331

We spent the rest of our days on the beach just relaxing and enjoying time together. We both got some sun and really loved playing in sand and surf. We did enjoy a couple of massages at one of the hotel spas, and made sure to eat all the different kinds of food we could find.

20150418_153442_HDR 20150420_140435

We loved getting to play with our camera as well trying to capture the feel of the island and just how relaxing and fun it was for us to be there on the beach!

20150420_173313 20150420_180236_HDR

We made sure to take some pictures together, even though it wasn’t easy (thank goodness for camera phones and forward facing cameras!)


Pictures of us on our trips in our Pawpaw shirts is becoming a tradition. My grandfather (Pawpaw) and the grandkids had matching plaid shirts when I was younger, so all plaid shirts became known as Pawpaw shirts. He passed away in January of 2014, so for Christmas of ’14 my grandmother got everyone matching Pawpaw shirts. So we decided to sport ours on the beach in the Philippines.

20150421_171708 20150421_171822

One of the nights we went out we found some of the fire dancers who perform while you eat dinner. We really enjoyed their show out on the beach and it didn’t hurt that we were taking advantage of the restaurant’s happy hour. The dancers even come around the tables so you can take pictures!

IMG_0886 IMG_0909 IMG_0940 IMG_0978 IMG_0982

Now as much fun as we had on the beach and around the island, getting there and coming home was a totally different story.

On our way out to the Philippines we were on a plane that had two seats next to the windows and four seats in the middle. You would think that they would have given us at least one aisle seat……nope. We were the lucky ones who were in the two middle of the four seats down the center of the plane. A ten hour flight when you can’t get up to move around or use the bathroom because the person who has the aisle seat is asleep kinda sucks. But we kept our chins up because we were headed to the beach!!

Now as we were on our long journey home, we spent one night in Manila because of how our flights were scheduled. We stayed at Resort World and had fun walking around the mall and the casino. We were able to spend some time in a movie just to waste time, we got to see the Avengers: Age of Ultron before anyone in the US!!!

The next morning we got to the airport with a few hours to spare before our flight and man am I glad we did! We got into the airport and then had to find the end of the line for our airline counter. We waited for an hour and half before we even got to the visa checker. By this time I was going into brat/diva mode. Once we got passed the visa check we waited another almost 30 minutes before reaching the counter to check in to our flight and get our boarding passes. Thank goodness there was a fairly short line through security. We hadn’t eaten breakfast and I was so thankful that there was a Starbucks every time we turned around!!

On our ten hour flight home we got really awesome seats! We were the two seats beside a window, AND we were the exit row!!!! TONS OF LEG ROOM!!!! Now there are not very many things that gross me out, and there are fewer now than when I lived in the states, but grown men taking off their shoes and socks for the flight and putting their bare feet up on the wall in front of them completely grosses me out!! Thank goodness they were on the opposite side of the plane from us or I would have had an issue. The up side was that our flight attendants were really nice. Our screens did not work and even after trying to restart them they still did not want to turn on so one of the flight attendants let us use hers because it was a handheld one not connected to the seat. Another was really sweet when we were landing, she was sitting across from us as we landed and James and I were just goofing off. She said that we looked very happy together and asked if we were finishing our honeymoon! We told her that we have been married for almost five years, and she said that we looked like newlyweds. So fun to hear that when we have been together for this long. I hope we still look like that when we are old and gray!

Overall we had a blast on our trip and hope to make another trip to the Philippines one day!!!!


One thought on “Philippines Island Adventure

  1. Your pictures are great. It looks like you had a great time. I’m so glad your experiences are so good. I miss you and am looking forward to seeing you when you come home! Love you


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