Deep in the Heart

Had the great opportunity to visit home and spend some good quality time with family and friends. We got to stuff our faces with as much good Mexican food as we could get (which was amazing), see some movies, go the aquarium, spend some time in downtown Dallas, and hit up a Rangers game.

At the Ranger game
At the Ranger game


My awesome rocket cookie from The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas
My awesome rocket cookie from The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas
The Dallas World Aquarium
The Dallas World Aquarium
Dinner with cousins
Dinner with cousins

This was the first time I have ever experienced being away for an extended period of time, and it was definitely an experience. We got a little turned around in the airport because we went through a fast lane for people without checked bags, and had to spend some time on the phone with my mom to try and figure out where we each were so we could meet up. Finally found each other and were able to get out of the airport! First food in the states was Whataburger!!!

Thank goodness for my parents and letting us stay at their house while we were home! Oh and to my brother who let us kick him out of his room while we were there!!

Girls Night at the Movies
Girls Night at the Movies

I got to spend one night out at the movies with some of my best friends (not all of them could make it). We went to a new dine-in movie theater in Keller to see Magic Mike XXL. I know that I had a whole bunch of fun!!!

We also got to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday! We had a fairly small party at my aunt and uncle’s house to celebrate, good food, beers and of course delicious cake.20150702_194255_HDRJames and I also went with my parents to a family reunion in Kansas City. It was for my mom’s side of the family and we had a pretty good time. We had a nice family picnic at a huge park, then we got to shoot off our own fireworks at my mom’s cousin’s house. All of the fireworks were fun, until the one we saved for last was a complete dud.

After Kansas City, we headed to see James’ family in Harrison. We got to spend an entire afternoon looking at old family pictures and hearing all kinds of great stories from his grandma and grandpa about when they were kids. We love getting to spend so much time with his mom and dad, grandparents, and extended family.

Headed to Grandma's house
Headed to Grandma’s house

After all of the time we spent with extended family on both sides, we spent the last part of our vacation just hanging out with my parents. We went out to dinner and spent some time in downtown Fort Worth. It was really nice way for us to wind down for our trip back to Kuwait.

20150712_193605 20150712_195748


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