Amsterdam Good Times

We had the great opportunity to spend our fifth wedding anniversary in Amsterdam (on our way back to Kuwait). There were so many things to do and see that we did not have a chance to get to all the neat stuff, but we did to get to as much of it as our sore feet could take us to!

20150716_043916We walked around the city and saw the floating flower market, which was only a few blocks from our awesome hotel. We made a trek out to the Red Light district where we just looked around and stopped to eat dinner. We walked up and down the streets and canal people watching, and catching snippets of conversations that made us laugh. We went back to out hotel, where we had the penthouse room. We had an amazing view of the city and got to watch the sunset over the buildings.

We found our way over to the museum district and went through the Rijks Museum, where we saw beautiful works of art and one of the largest doll houses I have ever seen! We walked through the museum park to get to the Van Gogh museum. James was wonderfully patient with me in this specific museum because I wanted to make sure we didn’t miss out on any of the paintings. My favorite of Van Gogh’s paintings is located in New York, but my second favorite I actually got to see on display.

After spending two days of walking around we finally figured out the tram system and bought tickets to last us the rest of our trip.

We ventured back down to the Red Light district and went to Casa Rosso which is known for its live shows. It was interesting to see the diversity of the patrons, and at least we got free drinks once we were inside. The show itself was entertaining and only slightly embarrassing. We ended up getting caught in the rain and hired a pedicab to take up back to our hotel so we wouldn’t get completely soaked, so only the bottom half of us got totally wet form the rain.

We took the tram and went back down to the museum district to go the House of Bols, where they make genever which is the predecessor to gin and the official drink of Amsterdam. There were different stations to see how all of your senses are used to experience taste. At the end you got to choose a cocktail and have it made for you in the mirrored bar.

20150718_190619 20150718_185511

Later that evening we had dinner in a street cafe then made our way back over toward our hotel. We ended up making a tipsy pit stop at the Torture Museum. Where we went through giggling at the different torture devices and the silly descriptions that were next to each device. After that we went to an ice cream shop where you got to create your own Magnum ice cream bar, and by create your won I mean that you got to choose which chocolate it was dipped in, pick three toppings, and the type of chocolate that was drizzled over the toppings. We enjoyed our magnum bars in our hotel over looking the city.20150718_214609 20150718_215836

We tried to go see the Anne Frank house but the line was four and a half hours long, both times we tried to go, and online tickets were sold out. So we went across the canal and were able to take pictures of the windows that lead to the secret annex. We did get to go explore the church that is right next door. It ends up that is the church where Rembrandt is buried. It was one of two churches we got to see. The other was the church on Dam Square right next to the Royal Palace. We also got to explore the palace because the family was not there, it had a whole lot of history and the audio tour was full of interesting facts.

On our last night we went on a dinner cruise on the canals. We had a four course dinner with some wonderful food and a fabulous boat captain/tour guide. The only down side was that we had to share our table with two other people because we were a twosome, but we were able to keep conversation flowing and of course the food was delivered in such a manner that it wasn’t hard to just eat instead of talk.


We had a great time exploring this amazing city, but we obviously did not get to see or do all the things we wanted to. So here is to hoping we get a chance to go back, and soon!!!

Pawpaw Shirt Picture: View from our hotel

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