The Cost of Things

Most people don’t really think about how much things really cost, I mean, not really. They only worry about if they have enough money to get what they need or want. Living as an expat the cost of things is an interesting topic. Anytime I tell people at home how much we spend on groceries or something else, I tend to get similar reactions. “Oh wow” “That’s expensive” “How do you afford it”. Most of the time we don’t really think about it. We are just like those living in their home country, we only worry about if we have enough money to get the things we need.

But things took a turn and were brought into perspective. This weekend was the Nation holiday and the celebration of Liberation for Kuwait. This is a huge holiday weekend, think Fourth of July. Lots of fireworks and different parties going on all over the city. A lot of people tend to get a little crazy on national holidays, so we decided that we were going to spend the long weekend in.

To prep for our time in the house, we wanted to make sure that we wouldn’t get bored or sick of each other quickly, we went out and bought some board games to play. And this is where the cost made itself blatantly apparent.

We went to Toys’r’us to see what kind of selection of board games they had. Surprisingly they had quite a few games that we enjoy, so we started looking at the price to see how many games we could get. And that is when it hit how pricey they were. The board game Battleship was 18 KD which is right around 60 USD. I was shocked!

We did end up getting a few games, Uno, Yahtzee, Clue, and Monopoly. We spent around 45 KD for all of those games, which in the states we would have spent around 45 USD to get all of them. It was interesting to look at how different the cost of things are in different countries. On some things it seems as if the price of something imported is the original price just changed to KD isntead or USD, instead of converting the price.It was fun opening the games when we got home, many were just the same as they are in the states except our Monopoly game, and we have the UK version!

We had a wonderful time playing games, watching movies, and listening to the fireworks go off all weekend. We were too far away to get to see any of the fireworks, but had fun listening to the kids play out in the street. It has been fun to see that kids are pretty much the same no matter what language they speak or what country they live in.

These are not in any way complaints about prices, they are simply my musings on how different it is to look at the cost of things when you live in your home country or abroad.


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