I got a Skype call from my mom last night, and it wasn’t the type of call people like to get. She was letting me know that my great-grandmother, Granny Girl, had passed away. Over the last few years I have lost a few people who were very influential in my life, my great-grandmother just being the most recent, and last night it got me thinking about the memories I have of these wonderful people and the things that they told me that have truly stuck with me through the years.

Pawpaw, my grandfather, and me

I know that I have been very blessed to have not only known all of my grandparents, but to have also grown up knowing all of my great-grandparents. I come from a fairly large family, so holidays and events were always a big to-do. When I was born I became the fifth generation of females on my mothers side, we even have a really neat picture of the line of women.

One of the things that has always stuck with me is how involved my extended family was in my life. I might not have gotten to see them all the time, but when it was a birthday, concert, or even me selling Girl Scout cookies, they always made sure that they were there supporting me and cheering me on. They always told me how proud they were, even if it was just a silly drawing that I had made.

Granny Girl and me right before my wedding

Granny Girl was less than two weeks shy of turning 100 years old. About nine years ago we lost my great-grandfather, Pops, who was Granny Girl’s husband. I had the chance to go see him in the hospital before he passed. We were just sitting there talking, and both of them told me to make sure that I keep the good memories and let all the bad ones go. Granny Girl suggested keeping a journal, just writing down things that happen or things that made me smile. She said that sometimes we can forget that its the little things that make us so happy, and that we should be able to pass on the things that we remember from our lives on to the next generation.

Grandma Chris, my great-grandmother, and me

This blog is one of the things that I have done to keep (and share) my happy memories. Things are not always easy, and they are not always happy in the moment, but when we can look back, we can see that those are some of the most precious moments we have.




Grandpa Marion, my great-grandfather, me and my youngest brother

Please take time to tell those who are important to you just how important they are. Share with them how they have touched your life. Spend time with them, or if they live too far take the time to call them or write a letter. We can forget just how short life is, and that we have never been promised another day. So take just a few minutes, it doesn’t have to be long, and tell your family and friends just how much they mean to you.

“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure” – Albus Dumbledore



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