Out and About Kuwait: The Kuwait Towers

So I have decided to try and share about the things there are to do and see here in the city I call home at the moment. Here is the first installment of Out and About Kuwait!

This weekend James and I decided to go see the Kuwait Towers. They are a well recognized landmark of the city, located right on the edge of downtown Kuwait City.


The towers were built in 1979. They are an interesting way to see the entire city spread out below you. On the main tower there are two spheres, the top sphere is the viewing sphere and the bottom sphere there are restaurants and lounges. The second tower acts as a water reservoir, and the smallest tower (with no sphere) is the power station for the towers.

The towers have been closed for the last few years to go in and do renovations and update everything on the inside. They only reopened about two weeks ago with a big celebration including a fireworks display. When the Kuwaitis celebrate anything they do it in a big way, so everyone around knows there is something happening!

IMG_1684We were really lucky in the fact that we are early birds on the weekends, well at least according to the culture here. We got to our restaurant for lunch around noon and were some of the only people in the place. When we walked over to the towers, there were hardly any people on the beach. At the towers we only had to wait a few minutes to get on the one elevator to get up to the viewing sphere. The cost to get in to see the towers is 6 KD which isn’t too bad when you consider you spend quite a bit of time walking around the grounds and up in the towers themselves!

We had already decided to eat lunch somewhere else, so we didn’t eat in the restaurant of the tower, this time. We do plan on going back to enjoy a full afternoon at the towers, eating and relaxing in the lounge overlooking the city and the water.

We had a blast riding the elevator up to the 120th floor to the observation deck in the viewing sphere of the main tower! It was one of those super fast ones where your ears pop as you ascend. The observation deck is two stories, so there is plenty of room to maneuver around to get the pictures you want.

Downtown Kuwait City

On the second floor of the observation deck the outer part of the floor actually rotates! There are tables and viewing machines so you can try to find specific buildings or landmarks. The deck rotates 360 degrees in about 30 minutes so if you can stand the slow spinning it gives you a great view of how spread out the city really is!

Panoramic view of the city

We were able to see the Grand Mosque in downtown, and the Liberation Tower (one of the next places we plan to spend a Saturday afternoon). Once we got back down to the bottom of the towers, we saw just how long the line to get in was! I am sure as the day went on it got even longer, the tower have been closed to the public for so long that people are happy to have an opportunity to go back up in them again. After the towers we just took a walk along the beach and watched at some people were riding jet-skis out on the water. It was a gorgeous day that I know we won’t have many more of before it gets too terribly hot to spend an afternoon outdoors!

The Liberation Tower flanked by The Kuwait Flag and the Kuwait Tower Flag
The rest of Kuwait City spread out

You can check out more information on the towers at Kuwait Towers. I am excited to share more on the things there are to do and see out and about in Kuwait!


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