Its All Greek To Me: Santorini

Here is the part two of our wonderful Grecian adventure!

The flight to Santorini was short and fairly easy. Once we landed we gathered our bags and headed out to find our transfer to our hotel. We had a very easy ride and got to see a nice majority of the island. Our hotel was off the road and back on a pedestrian walkway. Thank goodness we only had duffel bags to carry!

Of course if you have ever seen any pictures of Santorini you know that the side where most of the hotels are is a cliff. So we had to walk down some very steep and uneven stairs, and me being the clumsy one that I am, we got about half way down to the reception desk before I totally wiped out bags in hand!

We stayed in a beautiful hotel in Imerovigli, which is little town between the two bigger towns of Fira and Oia. On the Rocks Hotel was beautiful, and had some amazing views of the caldera. We were shown to our room by the manager, and were served a welcome glass of Santorini wine on our terrace.20160612_154137

Fira and the Port

We spent most of our time just soaking up the sun at our hotel. It was nice to completely unplug from the world and just spend some time just being. We did do some exploring down into Fira. We walked down to the old port and wandered around the streets, stopping in different stores and perusing the wares. We spent and entire afternoon walking around, we got stopped on our walk by some of the donkeys that are used to bring people up from the port.

20160614_182625We took a break from all of our lounging to go on a winery tour of the island. We spent an entire afternoon learning all about the wineries on the island and the process of how the wines are made. Its thought that Santorini has some of the oldest wineries and wine making processes in Greece. Our tour guide was super knowledgeable and you could tell that he truly loved teaching tourists about wine. I learned more about wine in that one afternoon than I think I could have learned anywhere else! There were six of us on the tour so we had a nice small group to really take our time at each winery.20160614_190116 We went to three different wineries, one that was a bit commercial, one that has been in the same family for 200 years, and a smaller winery that really focuses on the quality of their wine instead of quantity. All of the wines were delicious! We got to tour one of the oldest wineries on Santorini, there was even a stomping room!!!! At the last winery we got to eat a small sampling of Greek food that was paired to go with the wines we were tasting. We also got to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the water as we dined and had interesting conversation with our fellow tourists.

Stomping Room

There were two wines that stood out above the other (at least to me) one was called Santorini and was made from the specific type of grapes that only grow in the island, Assyrtiko, and Vinsanto, which is made from the same grapes that are left out in the sun for 10 days after they are harvested and then turned into wine. Its pairs really well with chocolate!!!! I was very excited to find that we will be able to get some of the wine once we get back home to Texas!

Halfway through our wine tour!!

We had a wonderful time in Greece and totally recommend that if you have the chance that you should go and enjoy the history, culture, and the food and wine is a MUST!!!!!!!!!


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