Tis the Season

One of my favorite times of year is the holiday season that runs from the end of October to the very beginning of January. It’s the one time of year that people seem to be in generally better moods and are just nicer and more accepting of those around them. I love how the world seems a little brighter during this time of year, and not just because of the lights people decorate with!!!

Living in Kuwait has been an education, not only in the diverse culture and in Islam, but also in how accepting of another culture and religion people can be.

In the world climate right now there is so much separation between people and a push to make each person’s personal views the most widely accepted. Walking around and interacting with people here I have been pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming sense of trying to understand and celebrate each other’s differences!

15178972_10207059756722837_3875388362928604626_nIt all started with the group of guys that my husband works with. Those of us from the U.S. wanted to get together and celebrate Thanksgiving, so they made a list of food and everyone signed up for what they wanted to bring.15253487_10207059756162823_6692260182441613402_n Our gathering was open to anyone who wanted to come and eat good food and spend time surrounded by friends! We had a few people who it was their first Thanksgiving!!

Then, of course, we end up in Christmas season! In the states we have Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, where there are tons of sales going on in stores. Well out here there were some stores that had sales going on!! One of the biggest stores, Xcite, an electronics store like Best Buy, had a Blue Friday sale going on with some really neat deals!

James and I have a weekend routine where we go out to the Avenues mall and eat lunch, walk around, and enjoy a movie.20161203_140419 20161203_140322As we walked around I noticed that the mall was decorated for Christmas! There were trees, stockings, Santa, and so many other signs of the season!! It was like walking through a mall at home, even though the majority of people who live here do not celebrate Christmas. There were a ton of stores that were decorated, of course I was enjoying it so much that I totally forgot to grab some pictures until we were heading to our movie! Thank goodness for Pottery Barn and their store being completely decked out, I was able to grab a couple pictures that will show you just how amazing the mall looked!!!!!


Its a beautiful reminder of what this season is really about! That we can celebrate each other’s differences and spend a happy holiday season together no matter what your background, culture, or religion!

So I want to wish you a Happy Holiday, whatever holiday you celebrate!!!!!!!





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