Minor Adjustments

I know it has been a while since my last post, so this is a quick update on what has been going on with the Murphys.

So our newest adventure is well on it way…….. We are moving back to the states! I have already been back for about 2 months and James joins me in June. The process for all of this started back in December or January, we first started really talking about the track we wanted our lives to go down. So here we are!!!

I have been accepted to go back to school to finish my bachelors degree, which will eventually let me make my way into a career of biostatistics/epidemiology. I am both completely stoked to be going back, and utterly nervous because I am so out of practice of studying!!! Science is my jam, so I am not too worried about finding my groove again.

James is finishing up his contract in Kuwait and will be heading back to Texas in June. I am not entirely sure what he will be up to when he gets back (because it changes on the daily). At least we will be able to be a complete family unit once he is home!

20170401_192334He was able to come home for a short visit at the end of March because we had two weddings in one weekend! My childhood best friend got married on a Friday night in Austin and some of our close friends got married that Saturday night near Tyler. We had a blast with everyone, and loved getting to split up our time apart in easily manageable chunks!!!

I was able to find a great apartment, with easy access to the highway for my commute to school, and close to our friends and family!!! Our dog, Dusty, has made his adjustments quickly!! My wonderful parents watched him for us, since we were living in the desert and couldn’t have him with us.20170322_125147

I also found a great part time job, that is willing to work with my school schedule, and has everything I need  in a job. I mean my feet are not so happy about this find. Retail is tough on the body, especially if all you have been doing for the last three years is be a housewife and travel! Thank goodness for my chiropractor and friends who can make great recommendations on shoes!!!!


Life has a way of making time pass way faster than we realize and I am hoping to keep this page updated way more often now that the stress of the move is over, and everything is relaxing into a more normal groove. I hope everyone enjoys the direction I am going to be taking the blog. It will focused more on the everyday adventures I find, with a few trips thrown in.

I hope you will continue to check in on all of our adventures!!!!!


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