Out and About: Austin, Texas

So I was lucky enough to be the Maid of Honor in my childhood best friend’s wedding a while back!

We met on the very first day of kindergarten, and were friends from the get go! We continued our friendship all the way through college, so when they say if you are friends for 7 years or longer its a life long friend…. you better believe it!

She lives down in Austin, so I got to asking what she would like to do for her last big hurrah as a single lady. She is a Disney fan and we got super lucky that the new Beauty and the Beast movie came out the weekend we were planning on partying it up, so I got to working on a plan.


I made reservations/ bought tickets at Alamo Draft-house for the movie, if you have never been to one of these…….. You need to go! The atmosphere and service are awesome!!!! The movie was beyond amazing, of course!

After the movie we headed out to a nearby restaurant called Maudie’s. Its a fairly small Mexican food joint where the patio is the place to be, and the food is just as delicious as you can want it to be!!


We then hit up this wonderful karaoke bar, the Highball. Private rooms upstairs, with your personal server! We definitely took advantage of that and got us some bottle service. Below the private rooms there is a full bar with some pretty good live music going on!!!

And then like total girls we had a great sleepover! With adult beverages, silly games, and loads of gossip! Brunch the next morning was at the Eastside Cafe, where everything was airy and open. The food was scrumptious, and most of it came from the garden right outside!!!!!

I hope that everyone that was involved had a wonderful time!!


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