I got a Skype call from my mom last night, and it wasn’t the type of call people like to get. She was letting me know that my great-grandmother, Granny Girl, had passed away. Over the last few years I have lost a few people who were very influential in my life, my great-grandmother just … More Reflections

The Cost of Things

Most people don’t really think about how much things really cost, I mean, not really. They only worry about if they have enough money to get what they need or want. Living as an expat the cost of things is an interesting topic. Anytime I tell people at home how much we spend on groceries … More The Cost of Things

Learning to Deal

I am an extrovert and have always enjoyed being around a lot of people the majority of my time, outside of sleeping. I have a large number and wide variety of friends that I like spending time with, whether we are just sitting around someone’s yard talking, hanging out drinking wine, or having a night … More Learning to Deal